Hokkaido Shiretoko Japan



To World Natural Heritage Shiretoko in Hokkaido.


I rent a car, and head to Shiretoko from Kushiro Airport.


I first stopped at Mt. Iou.

The ground is slightly yellow due to sulfur.





The smell of sulfur hung in the air.



Next, I stopped at Lake Mashu, which is just off Mt.Iou.

This view is from the third viewing platform.





It is great view than my expected.

The photo doesn’t show the natural sapphire blue color of the lake.

You should go here and see a real lake yourself.


The third viewing platform seen from the second viewing platform.





And this view is from the first viewing platform.





The view from the third viewing platform is the most beautiful among three viewing platform.

In addition, the wind to blow from the lake to this viewing platform is really comfortable.



Next, I will go to the Kaminokoike Pond while passing through the peaceful landscape is typical of Hokkaido.





I had to carefully driving a gravel road the last 2 km.





When I got out of the car, many insects like flies or tabanidaes were flying.

It is bugging me.


I saw a pond when I walked a little while get rid of insects by hand.





It is said that named by Son of God pond (Kaminokoike) ,because it was a pond done from the underflow water of the lake of God (Lake Mashu).





Strikingly clear blue!

I make a round immediately because it is a very small pond.


Well, finally we will head to Shiretoko.

There are surprisingly no shops and gas stations along the way.

We should buy some drink and food and fill up the tank in advance.









I arrived at the hotel in Uroro in the evening.

I am looking forward to Shiretoko park of the world heritage that will go tomorrow.



Next day,


Visitor can walk in the large loop of the Shiretoko five Lakes individually by take a short lecture about 10 minutes from August 1st to October 20th. Because the season is not the Kumano breeding season.


Visitor can go to the field house by car or bus. The hotel staff told me that “The road to the field house has a high probability of see wild animals, so I recommend to go by car.”

So I went by car according to her advice.





I am very lucky if I can see wildlife.

There is a signboard written, “Don’t approach a brown bear, Don’t feed it” in the roadside.

Oh my goodness.





At first I found a deer (Ezo Sika) at the side of the road.


Then surprisingly, I encountered a brown bear crossing the road.





It is unusual for the baby bear to be together.





How amazing!


A bear appeared,  Rangers came immediately and drove bears away to the mountain.

I happened to meet bears while such short time.


While I was still excited, I arrived at the field house.

It was still around 8:00, parking and lecture are vacant.


I will walk the green line large loop on the map.




Let’s start!




The first is fifth lake.





Scenery reflected in the surface of a lake is beautiful.


Next,the fourth lake.





I was worried that there were insects in the grass, but I could walk comfortably because there is no insect.


The third lake.





I hear only the voices of birds once in a while. Very quiet!


The second lake.





Unfortunately, it is cloudy even though it is a place where I can see the Siretoko Mountain Range.


The first lake.





There is Siretoko nature as far as the eye can see.

So beautiful.


This is the end point. I go up to the elevated walkway.





If you don’t have much time, you can enjoy Shiretoko only on this elevated walkway.

If you have a lot of time, enjoy a walk around 5 lakes.





I bought a venison burger rare in Japan at Shiretoko center.





It is delicious, but smelled a little beast.

If you want to eat odd burgers, try it please.


I will go to the river which a warm hot spring flows through in the afternoon.